Leadership and Executive Coaching


Today's fast paced business thrusts many people into leadership roles without ensuring they have the guidance and the time necessary to develop as a Leader and effectively inspire their teams for success. 

At Ascentx we use a navigational approach to providing leaders the pathway to discover and develop the  requisite skills and behaviours allowing them to accomplish their goals, all while inspiring others around them to achieve both team and personal goals.

Business Development Coaching

Sales and Business Development are a cornerstone  in a successful business venture. It is full of pressure and demands balancing corporate goals and targets with client requirements and demands, and it is not only the Sales team that is responsible for ensuring mutual.success.

Coaching provides clarity and a navigational path for individuals, allowing them to move through the Business Development process, identify needs and provide win-win solutions, while closing more long term clients.

Business Development Skills Group Training.

Has your Business development team had the opportunity to be truly trained in Sales and Sales Skills

Has your Business Development team had the opportunity to be truly trained in Sales and Sales Skills Development. Sales is a process and when the steps and skills are applied, results improve...every time.

At Ascentx, in conjunction with Gary Waldron and Associates, we deliver highly interactive and relevant Sales Training that, when applied consistently and correctly, will add bottom line results, every time and yield significant returns on investment. 

Please contact us, if you have any interest in allowing your Business Development team to perform at levels far above their peers